Sunday, February 26, 2012

Swiss Hockey Live Update and playoff

During the last updates I resolved some bug and I added some feature like the statistics (scorer ranking, penalties statistic, goalie ranking). I also added the possibility to view the live matches of the playoff because playoff isn't qualification and before the update some user tell me that the NLB playoff wasn't visible. Then I realesed the update to show the live matches of the playoff (NLA and NLB).
Now I'm working on the playout and playoff too. For now playout are not visible on the live matches, then I have only some days for a new update.
In the last update I integrated the Google Analytics SDK, now I have a little statistic for the page view.
Stay tuned for new update.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mobile Advertising

A week ago I released my second application on the Android Market, the name is Mobile Advertising.
If you are a developer, you are interested to make some money with your applications. But how to make money with Android? You have two method, paid app or free app with advertising. For the new developer I think it's better make free app and put in the app some advertising. In my first app Swiss Hockey Live I used AdMob network the first one that I founded. The result was good but I made me a question, it's the best one or exists other advertising network on market? Then I made a search and I decided to develope an application that show the mobile advertising available on the market. The first release of the Mobile Advertising implement a dozen of ad network, in the feature I will implement other network and my aim is to understand what is the most profitable advertising network. I hope that some people download my application, so I can have a feedback about the advertising network.
Stay tuned for new update.